Board of Education

The Holy Trinity Board of Education affirms its support of the school, student responsibilities and discipline policy.  The Board's intent is to support school staff who enforce these policies and hold school staff accountable for the implementation of these policies.

The Holy Trinity Board of Education meets on the second Thursday of each month. Board of Education meetings begin at 6:00 PM in the school building. Meetings are open to the public. All who are interested are encouraged to attend. 


The role of the Board of Education is to:

  • Consult and Give Advice
  • Make Suggestions and Recommendations
  • Give Encouragement and Support
  • Establishes Policy
  • Appraise Educational Programs and Activities
  • Represent the Members of the Parish/School
  • Encourage Parents to Communicate Directly with the Teacher and/or Administration
  • Board of Education Constitution

Proposed BOE Constitution - Final vote May 9, 2019


2018-2019 Board of Education Members

Rev. Mark Neal, Pastor

Anne Franklin, Principal

Third Year Representatives Second Year Representatives First Year Representatives
Erin Grillot, President Susan Fenton Christa Baker
Jolene Edgington Mike Johnson Tim Hanrahan
 Shane Ramaeker Matt Koester Brant Kahler






Board of Education Communication Channels -

Grievance Procedure

Policy 310.2

If an occasion arises when a parent or student wishes to register a concern, the school teacher or staff member involved shall be consulted first. 

After the concern has been discussed with each person involved and the student or parent  does not feel an agreement has been established, then persons registering the concern need to contact the school principal.  The principal will then decided upon further action.

If the conern is still not resolved after consulting with all levels of school personnel, then the concern may be taken to the Board of Education.

If a concern is of an administrative nature, the principal shall be consulted first.  After consulting with the principal and the problem is still not resolved, then the concern may be taken to the Board of Education.

Policy Adopted:  September 2000

Policy Reviewed:  May 2005


Board of Education Meeting Minutes

August 2015                          August 2016                      August 2017                   August 2018

September 2015                  September 2016                 September 2017             September 2018

October 2015                       October 2016                      October 2017                 October 2018

November 2015                   November 2016                  November 2017              November 2018

December 2015                   December 2016                  December 2017              December 2018

January 2016                       January 2017                     January 2018                   January 2019

February 2016                     February 2017                    February 2018                 February 2019

March 2016                          March 2017                        March 2018                     March 2019

April 2016                             April 2017                           April 2018                        April 2019

May 2016                              May 2017                           May 2018                        May 2019

June 2016                            June 2017                          June 2018