Our History

...Our Holy Trinity Parish Journey

Holy Trinity was born from the vision of Bishop Thomas Drumm. Bishop Drumm knew that he would need to choose the right priest to make this vision a reality, so he chose Father Francis Ostdiek.  Beginning June 26, 1920, Father Ostdiek began his assignment as the founding pastor of Holy Trinity Church.

The original church was constructed of lumber attained from Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa. The military was disposing of some wood huts and Father Ostdiek saw this as his opportunity to get building materials without incurring a large expense for the parish. In order to transport the lumber from Camp Dodge, Father Ostdiek purchased a used Ford truck.  He began to move lumber the six mile journey from Johnston to the Beaverdale location where Holy Trinity Church was built.  The original church was a very simple design and the only distinguishing factor which identified it was a white cross on the roof.  Construction on the original church was completed in January 1922.

In 1936, fourteen years after the original church was built, a larger church was completed.  Holy Trinity parishioners would use this church building until 1957 when construction of the present church building was completed.   After the present church started being used, the older church building was transformed into Holy Trinity’s first Parish Hall. Construction occurred at Holy Trinity once again in 1985.  The Parish Center being used today was constructed where the old parish hall and original grade school existed.  This project was coordinated under Pastor Rev. Richard Gubbels.  Most recently, in 1990, under the direction of Pastor Rev. James Laurenzo, the current church received its first major renovation since its completion in 1957. Now in 2019, we have emabarked on a renovation of the front of the church. A beautiful outside plaza is under construction and will welcome all people for many years to come.

Holy Trinity Pastors 

1920-1969  -  Reverend Francis Ostdiek-Founding Pastor of Holy Trinity

1969-1973  -  Monsignor John McIlhon

1969-1978  -  Reverend Bernard Gottner

1978-1986  -  Reverend Richard Gubbels

1985-1993  -  Reverend James Laurenzo

1993-2003  -  Msgr. Gerald Stessman

2003-2005  -  Reverend Anthony Aiello

2005-2007  -  Monsignor Frank Chido

2007-2018 - Reverend Michael Amadeo

2018-present-  Reverend Mark Neal