Tithing & Financials

Annually, every Holy Trinity household receives the state of the financial condition of the Parish.  We continue to be fiscally responsible but we need to be mindful of the increased costs associated with the expenses of our Parish.  In addition to weekly tithing, our Parish has both a Foundation and a School Endowment to assist in providing financial resources to our Church and School.  We appreciate the continued support of our faithful parishioners.



Please know the importance of your tithing and how this affects the planning for a balanced budget each year. Each Holy Trinity household is invited to participate in our annual Tithing Commitment Campaign which typically occurs each fall. 

We ask Holy Trinity parishioners to give prayerful consideration to paying their tithes by either using envelopes or Automatic Withdrawal (ACH).  What is ACH?  We encourage parishioners to pay their tithes using ACH debits.  These are tithing payments that you initialize and authorize which are sent through the ACH (Automatic Clearing House) network.  The ACH method of payment is both convenient for the parishioner and helps Holy Trinity plan their budget.  What about security?  The program used by Holy Trinity to facilitate ACH transactions provides a high level of security for storing transaction data.  How often can I make a tithe payment through ACH?   You can authorize payment in one of three different ways:  The 5th of the month (once a month); the 20th of the month (once a month); or the 5th & 20th of the month (same amount each month).  You can terminate your ACH debit.   (However transactions are sent 2 to 4 days ahead of the actual withdrawal date)  If you are interested in enrolling in Holy Trinity’s ACH Automatic Tithing Program, download the printable form and return it to the Parish Office by mail or in the collection basket. If you have any questions about ACH, contact the parish Office at 255-3162 ext. 125.

Tithing ACH Authorization

Another option to pay your tithing is through Internet Bill Pay. Internet Bill Pay allows you to make payments on-line through your bank account.  Contact your bank to set-up Internet Bill Pay for Holy Trinity.  All you need is the mailing address and your envelope number which will act as your account number.  Your bank will then issue (mail) a check to Holy Trinity on the any date you authorize.


Finance Council

The Holy Trinity Finance Council advises the Pastor on financial matters, monitors expenses and income, and establishes the annual budget as well as administers the Holy Trinity School Endowment.  Please contact Greg Lynch at 270-0232.

View The Finance Council Minutes


Holy Trinity Foundation

The Holy Trinity Foundation is a group of dedicated volunteers from our parish community.  The Foundation was created to assist with answering our Baptismal call by providing financial support for parish activities, programs, and needs beyond those provided for in the parish budget.  The Foundation offers parishioners an opportunity to continue long term support of the parish through estate planning, memorials, or other gifts.  Contributions to the Foundation are preserved and invested.  As special needs arise, the Foundation will then act upon requests as necessary.  Please contact Regina Montgomery at 255-3162 ext. 123 or email to make donations or with questions.  CLICK HERE for a list of Foundation Board Members.


Holy Trinity Endowment Fund

The Holy Trinity Endowment, along with the Holy Trinity community, continues striving to provide an affordable education for all who seek it for their children. 

Your investment in the HT School Endowment Fund can:  

  • Help provide young people with the gift of Catholic education
  • Hold down the cost of tuition
  • Assist Holy Trinity School in its goals which include just faculty wages & improve school curriculum
  • Help you put your faith into action
  • Help testify to your belief in Catholic education while benefiting you by making a tax deductible contribution

CLICK HERE to view Holy Trinity Endowment Fund brochure.  Contact Regina Montgomery  at 255-3162 ext.123 to donate.